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                                                                                                         Sasuke and sakura love story

one day sakura saw sasuke and asked him to hang out with her
sasuke said. never i hate u and your annoying
sakura was soo said and was about to  cry
sasuke stared at her for a moment and then said uhh fine sakura we can hang out for a bit i guess
sakura sherked with joy and grabedd sasuke arm they ate some ramen and watched fire works sasuke was getting md of how it was becoming a date he *stood up * and said this is getting werid and decided to leave
sakura was really sad
just then sasuke tripped and feel on her
and kissed her
but for some strnge reason sasuke enjoyed it he thought it was one of the best kisses hed has ever had and contiued to kiss her hes grabbed her head and they kissed for a long time he rubbed her back and genly tilled his hed  kissing her neck he lost him self for that moment wondrering what sakura was thinking
he stared deeply into sakuras eyes sakura was shoked and soo  happy and just wanted to hold sasuke all day sasuke kisses her next and grabed her holding her close sakura was suprized but was ammazed how good of a kisser sasuke was and thought this would lead to sex little did she know her suspicions were all to correct sasuke with one pull nearly ripped her shirt off sakura blushed her hole face was red sasuke stared and licked her she froze the once gay emo turned into  what seemed to be a lover boy of a girls fantasy all to fantasy was it becoming she pinched her self to see if it was fake it was no dreme she kissed him and said sasuke i love u take me sasuke said i was planning to anyway and contiued they were in deep sex with such emotion quickly and for a long period of time
the hole time sakura thought she was in a romantic movie it was all to unreal of sasuke but it wasnt a movie altho it seemed to  be a movie of a girl admireing a boy forever and him not caring but suddenly for no reason at all he fell in love with that girl and made all of her wildmest and best dremes come true the best part of that for sakura was she was that girl that got the guy everyone wanted theres a name for that its called true romance
on sasukes end he was in complete hynosis he had a suden love for sakura he could never explain but he liked it and contiued loving her he felt like he was the boy hypnotized by a beauty in some book or novel of love and romsance forever he dremed of beeing with sakura but never realized it theres a name for that as well its hidden romance a strnge affect men get when they love someone so much but think there something that could end up beeing a horrible mistake but right then sasuke was foucing on her not her past that moment that time there love
they had emotional sex what ever u may call that whether its a two person special long awaited relation ship type or a teenaghe one time thing but
either way they enjoyed every single ever lasting moment of it
the next morning sasuke awoke to the sun bright rise he remebered what happed the night before a stared  at sakura who lay sleeping on the to sasuke like a angel
he thought that he really loved her in many ways and that moment was when his hidden romance leeked out he was going to leave but something told him to stay and love sakura so he did the emotions he felt were a movie the gretest love story u could possbly think of and he loved it he decided  to be with akura from that day forword and like all grete old  love stories would say lived happily ever afater
i was bored so i made this and my friends say im pretty good at making love story so what better then sasusaku or naruhina well enjoy this one :P
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Deaths-friend Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2010
Just a hint, with writing readers generally appreciate a little use of grammar and adjectives and such, to break up the setences.
The plotline was interesting. You should try expanding it alittle.
SreamingMantis Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2010
Nice I really enjoyed it
sakuraharuno1237 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2009
Unknown55 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007
keep writing
Unknown55 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2007
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